Monday, January 17, 2011

A feast!

Hi guys. So yesterday me and my friends decided that it would be pretty cool to cook a feast for all of us. We all had almost no experience in cooking, so this could only go well, right?

Off to the supermarket in the speed of light!
Selecting some red wine for the dinner
Our original idea was to cook steaks, baked potatoes in the oven, potato chips and chocolate brownies. But we were really upset once we found out that all of the  meat for steaks has been bought out. So we just got ourselves some chicken fillets. After we had all the ingredients we went over to our friends house.

ready to cook!
We started peeling the potatoes and grating the cheese for the chicken fillets. Then we decided to start making those potato chips, but we had forgot to buy rapeseed oil *facepalm* at this point I should mention that we started to cook at 11 in the evening and in Latvia shops usually close up at around 10 o'clock so we had to send out two guys to a 24/7 shop that is pretty far away. Also I should mention that it was fucking freezing outside ( -14C or 32F ). Meanwhile we started to prepare our muffins.

pouring out the melted chocolate with different nuts and dried fruit
Also started to cook chicken fillets dipped in egg & flour

After some while our friends returned with the rapeseed oil - great success! We baked our potatoes in the oven and also started to cook our potato chips

the first ones that made it out of the pot
After some while, we were finally done ( actually It was already 2am lol )
So, i present to you our finished meals.

potato chips with garlic salt and dill

cabbage salad with vinegar and oil

baked potatoes in the oven with dill
chicken fillet dipped in egg & flour with too much cheese :)

after this we were so full that we decided to stay for a while and drink some beers. After all this i was home at around 4am, but it was a lot of fun. I'm really excited to start cooking. Btw tomorrow I will have a new recipe here - dumpling, or as we call them here - pelmeni. It's an really easy dish, but we all have to start somewhere right?


  1. I love homemade potato chips, they're delicious

  2. The potato chips look delicious.
    And ohlol so much cheeeeeese.

  3. want to send me some? they look tasty

  4. The food looks great, and your blog is coming along nicely.

  5. Looks like you did a good job man. You should check out some of my recipes. :)

  6. That looks delicious... dam...

  7. Basically the potato chips look amazing. Not bad for inexperienced cooks.

    Try some homemade soup sometime; it's about a billion times better than the packaged stuff.

  8. Wowee nice stuff, what do you do for a livign